PubX 2015

May 15-17, 2015

Northampton, MA

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Believing that it’s our duty to support art created outside the barriers of industries and institutions, PubX is a semi-annual, randomly recurring pop-up film festival and cinematheque, showing the best undistributed or under-seen micro-budget features from around the country, offering public exposure and retrospective context to movies that saw little or no theatrical exhibition in the first place.

In keeping with the DIY ethic of the films, pictures are screened at creative venues throughout Western Massachusetts. This year, our host is the 13th Floor Music Lounge at JJ’s Tavern in Florence. Whenever possible, the filmmakers themselves introduce the movies, which are curated around the conviction that, given the right tools—cameras, mics, a girl and a gun—anyone can make a film, and open a window to their world in the process.