Black Box

Directed by Stephen Cone • 2014 • 84′

“Stephen Cone once again captures the quietly awkward moments of floundering young adults.”
– Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

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Directed by Sophia Takal • 2011 • 75′

“Takal coaxes melodrama from first-person naturalism and smartly blends the allure of genre with do-it-yourself intimacy.”
– Richard Brody, The New Yorker

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Sun Don’t Shine

Directed by Amy Seimetz • 2012 • 80′

“Wondrously accomplished and furiously expressive drama blending the moody rambles of a road movie with the tightly ratcheted criminal tension of a film noir.”
– Richard Brody, The New Yorker

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Going Out

Directed by Ted Fendt • 2014 • 8′

“An all-elbows take on the romantic comedy with sly structural ambition.” – C. Mason Wells, MUBI Notebook

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Person to Person

Directed by Dustin Guy Defa • 2014 • 18′

“The effortless evocation of something bygone (soul music, vinyl record stores, 16mm film)… One for the ages, this one.” – Filmmaker Magazine

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Hit 2 Pass

Directed by Kurt Walker • 2014 • 72′

“A humanist road movie dressed in the pixelated grains of early archival digital images” – Film Comment

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