Directed by Lawrence Michael Levine • 2010 • 104′

With Sophia Takal, Lawrence Michael Levine, Lena Dunham

Sat, May 16 3:30pm 🔖 Buy Tickets
13th Floor Music Lounge


“Sharply observed… Ms. Takal, flashing a defiant grin like a weapon, is entirely believable as the petulant, crazy-making Gabi.” – Mike Hale, New York Times

A portrait of young New York and the misguided hopefuls who can’t afford to live there but do anyway, Gabi on the Roof in July is an ensemble comedy about ex-girlfriends, sibling rivalry and whipped cream in a city that’s constantly in flux. Gabi, a rambunctious Oberlin undergrad, heads to New York City to spend the summer with her older brother, Sam, seeking solidarity in the wake of her parents’ divorce. When she gets there, she finds Sam too busy juggling women and too irked by her provocative antics and almost constant nudity to give her the guidance she needs. In an effort to get Sam’s attention, Gabi seduces his free-loving, freeloading college buddy, only to find she’s in over her head.