Directed by Christopher O’Brien • 2013 • 30′

with Glynnis Eldridge, Stefan Freeman

Sun, May 17 3:30pm 🔖 Buy Tickets
13th Floor Music Lounge
Christopher O’Brien in person


Somewhere toward the beginning of the 21st century, a dying filmmaker receives a video letter from a former lover. Inspired by the images captured on a rooftop in Brooklyn, NY, the filmmaker sends his loyal production assistant on a reconnaissance mission to the city to scout locations for his final film. Her experiences are transmitted through video images of Brooklyn’s people and infrastructure as she corresponds with her mentor, hunts an underground graffiti radical, attempts to define the postmodern, and has a rendezvous with a mysterious woman. Gradually, the production assistant is sewn into Brooklyn’s code as she confronts apocalyptic visions of the era and uncertainties over existence itself.